Epipelagic Zone

The Epipelagic Zone is the surface layer of the ocean that extends from the surface to 200 meters (656 feet). It is also known as the sunlight zone because this is where most of the visible light exists. This is where most of life in the ocean exists. Life can be microscopic, like the plankton that use the plentiful sunlight for photosynthesis, to the great blue whale that have baleen instead of teeth to filter feed on the plankton. Click the image of a shark swimming in the epipelagic zone located to the right to learn more about the epipelagic zone. Make sure to click on the links provided for you in the information you read on the website the link takes you to. Shark

Photo by John Uriarte

Calico Bass

I Caught This Fish in 5ft of Water


I Caught This Fish in 200ft of Water

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