What's in a name? rubric

This is the rubric used to grade this assignment.








Needs Improvement




Response to questions


Well developed, summarized answers that include details. 

Answers questions, but no detail included.  Lack of good summarization.

Answers are confusing and are not summarized

Answers incorrect or copied/pasted directly from website

Information on family surnames


Information is complete and well thought out

Information is complete but lacks sustenance

Information is minimally addressed

Information is not addressed or incorrect

Reflection blog post


Blog post is evident of a full thought-out reflection on the activity

Blog post consist of acceptable reflection, but more detail could be added

Blog post needs more support or sustenance reflecting the activity

Blog post does not reflect the activity

Writing mechanics


No grammar or spelling errors

1-3 grammar or spelling errors

4-5 grammar or spelling errors

More than 5 grammar or spelling errors

*Students at DJHS will not complete the Blog Post portion of this activity


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