Netiquette at Dauphin Junior High School

Learners Description: The netiquette rules on this page were written for all students attending Dauphin Junior High School, Enterprise, Alabama.

Students will practice the use of netiquette in any online application.

So what is Netiquette?

The term netiquette refers to online appropriate behavior (Good manners to use on the Internet).

Be aware of your digital

Why create a positive image?

The way you present yourself on the Internet says a lot about you to the world. Always follow netiquette rules to avoid a negative impression. The following give tips that will guide you in the direction of good manners for the Internet.

Cite your sources

Give credit where credit is due. Never plagiarize someone else's work. People viewing your information may want to learn more about the subject and your references should be the jumping off point for them to look more indepth at the subject.

Always use Standard English

Never post in texting/im form. You don't have to be fancy with your wording, just don't type "like um,stuff & lol" -that type of language should be used only when you are writing informally, not information you post on the Internet. Utilize your vocabulary while enhancing your communication skills.

No Cyberbullying

Never use Internet communication devices to harass, intimidate, or threaten someone. Never use derogatory comments towards another person.


Helpful Email Hints: