The Vital Organs Of The Human Body

Welcome to the tour:
This is a virtual field trip of the vital organs of the human body. The human body is an amazing and wonderful thing, it is as tough as steel and as fragile as an eggshell at the same time. The human body needs to function as a finely tuned machine, everything working in sync. Just like an automobile, it will run if certain things aren't working correctly or at all.

Navigating the tour:
To navigate this field trip you have the choice to use the navigation bar at the top, but it you would like to use Leonard Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man to navigate please don't hesitiate. Each of the colored dots represent a vital organ and are placed in the approximate anatomical location of the organ it represents. There will be a few trivia questions on each organ's page along with a link. Click here to download an answer sheet. At anytime you may check your answers by clicking on the answer key link on any of the pages.

Learner Description:
This virtual field trip is designed for high school ages and up. The purpose of this field trip is to give insight to these parts of the body that allow us to live and enjoy the things the world has to offer us. This information is for educational purposes only and viewer discretion is advised.

Contents may include pictures of real human organs.

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