The ancient Romans were one of the most successful civilizations in history. Today you will be exploring the main events in Roman history. Here are a few pieces of information to get you started.

In 753 BCE Rome was founded by Romulus, and after a few hundred years passed, Rome began conquering land after land. The Etruscans, Gauls, and Celts were all victims of the mighty Romans, as war after war they proved themselves to be strong and organized fighters, making their Empire one of the largest ever. The Romans were able to expand in spite of the 100 years of war with the Carthaginians, and the ongoing battles with surrounding lands. What was the motivation behind the battles? Ownership of valuable land, of course. Romans were very successful traders, and wanted the rights to rule major trading routes throughout the Empire.

map of the roman empire

Rome's expansive requires a lot of...things. The Empire of Rome was surrounded by rivers and bodies of water that made trading accessible, and plentiful. Traders brought items like olive oil and salt from the Medeterrerian Sea, and cotton and cinnamon from the Indian Ocean. Roman trade led to other innovations such as a starnardized weight system, and coin money.

map of ancient roman trading routes

Of course, the Roman Empire has its emperors to thank for much of its success. Throughout Rome's history there have been just and fair, and those that have been just plain crazy. These rulers were part of something great, and for that they will be remembered forever. Men like Julius Caesar, the first Roman Empire who led Rome in many successful battles, but in the end was assassinated by his own friends. Men like Nero, who became emperor at sixteen, and is best known for his tyranny and irratic behavior. And men like Constantine who led the spread of Christianity through Rome.

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