To complete this process you will need to complete the following:

1. Research main events in ancient Roman history, from 600 BCE to 500 AD. Take notes on at least 10 events, either in Google Docs, or a piece of binder paper. Make sure to include the dates, and important details for each event.


2. Choose one event to re-create using an online comic strip template. Your story should include the important details surrounding the event.

3. Create a timeline.

Using the events you wrote down in step one, create a timeline using one of the following:

4. Explain and Provide Evidence

In Google Docs, write a response to the big question, which event most led to the downfall of Rome? Remember to provide many supporting details for your argument. Use the rubric as your guide. Submit your answer to the class folder in Google Docs.

5. Evaluate

Using the rubric, evaluate your own answer to the big question, and two of your classmates' work. Post your critiques on tha approprate discussion forum.

6. Revise

Based on the feedback you received, revise and edit your piece. Resubmit to the class folder for Miss White.

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